Transactions on
Circuits and Systems II

Index of Forthcoming TCAS-II Issues

TCAS-II currently has a large publications backlog. While the Circuits and Systems Society is making an effort to reduce this backlog by increasing its yearly page budget, an alternative mechanism is "Rapid Posting" of the already accepted articles via the IEEE Xplore website. These are almost final versions of the papers that are to appear after copy editing and under most circumstances are nearly identical to the version to appear in print. Please be aware that despite the unavailability of issue numbers and page numbers "Rapid Posted" articles can be cited by other authors.

For viewing "Rapid Posted" papers please click TCAS-II page in IEEE Xplore and then follow the link to:

"Forthcoming: View Articles"

at the top of that page. Alternatively, you should be able to directly go the TCAS-II Rapid Posting page as well by clicking here.

For information about papers in production (e.g., galley/page proofs), please contact the TCAS2 EIC (E-mail:

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